Official Exams


At Global Connect we prepare for official English exams and we are currently proud of a 100% pass rate for Trinity and 98% pass rate for Cambridge exams.

We are an official Trinity examination centre and a preparation centre for Cambridge.

Gone are the days of just scraping a pass in English in order to ensure a successful career. Nowadays, the ability to express oneself with a good degree of fluency is almost a must. This is evident in many areas such as work, education, travel and leisure. So how does this affect us?


Numerous changes have been implemented by the Departament de Ensenyament which confirm this situation. The contents of Primaria, Secundaria and Bachillerato are becoming increasingly more demanding. For instance, Bachillerato students are expected to study B1 and B2 (CEFL) contents, although in many cases there is still a noticeable gap in knowledge between contents taught and ability to put the language into practice. In addition to this, the majority of universities in this country now require their students to have attained the B2 level of English in order to graduate. This means that learning the language has now become essential for many people.